The World has shrunk into a global village with amazing communication technology. In this scenario , India has braved a global recession confidently with amazing infrastructure developments and is striving to become a world power. We will keep pace with these developments and do our best in our educational goals, making it a Nation building attempt, hand in hand with young men and women with the right technological education and a dream to live by.


In an attempt to create an academic environment where students are continually challenged and motivated to do their best possible work, our entrepreneur fervor will provide practical knowledge and right kind of motivation. This will be a different kind of educational experience with the abiding faith in the individual ability to excel. We believe in nurturing human values and engineering acumen together and will attempt to bring out well qualified individuals.


As an extension of corporate social responsibility, SGCET believes in giving back to the society through a real value engineering educaion that has relevance to the changing India. Towards this endeavor SGCET Strives its best to put forward best efforts of coordination in the field of engineering education, inspiring, creating more opportunities and transforming individuals through practical knowlwdge and training, which will be the main objective.

The reason why we have chosen this field of engineering education is that nowhere the pace of change is better understood than through technological improvements, real solutions that reach people through collective effort and individual zeal. Towards this, we have pledged our support and resources without expectation of profitable return. The only return we expect out of this could be transformation of millions of lives through education.


We at Sri Ganesh College of Engineering and Technology are committed to provide quality education in Engineering, Technology and Management. This is achieved through upgradation of facilities, faculty development, campus placement and continual improvement. Students are also provided with opportunities for industrial based practical knowledge training and extra-curicular activities. Focus is also given to conduct regular short term courses whereby both students and faculty are updated with technological developments in the field of their interest.


We shall provide our students an environment that stimulates in developing a unique blend of academia, practical knowledge, outstanding leadership qualities and good human values and thus will be most sought after by recruiters.


Provide a high quality educational experience to students in a diverse learning environment – promoting the values and institutions of democracy that prepare students to lead lives of personal integrity and civic responsibility in a global society.

Prepare the next generation of skilled and ethical leaders by providing excellent practical and professional education that prepares students to compete in a diverse world market;

Promote campus environment that welcomes and honors women and men of all races, creeds and culture and an atmosphere that values intellectual curiosity, pursuit of knowledge, and academic freedom and integrity;

Offer wide variety of Off-campus educational and training programs.

Partner with communities to provide educational, technical and cultural support to increase the livability of those communities.

Partner with industry and government to improve the quality of workplace and to serve as an engine for economic and cultural development.

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