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About Sri Ganesh College | Pondicherry University affiliated
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    Sri Ganesh college of Engineering and Technology was established by Sri Ganesh educational trust in the year 2009. Our Institution aims at providing world-class Engineering Education, Research and development, Innovative applications of Technology, encourage Entrepreneurship and ultimately moulding young men and women capable of assuming leadership in the society for the betterment of our country. Our institution is recognised by All India Council for Technical Education, New Delhi and is affiliated to Pondicherry University, Pondicherry.

    The college campus is situated at Mullodai which is about 19 km from the Pondicherry Railway Station and 18 km from Pondicherry Main Bus Stand. It is about 190 km south of Chennai on the shore of Bay of Bengal.

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    The World has shrunk into a global village with amazing communication technology. In this scenario , India has braved a global recession confidently with amazing infrastructure developments and is striving to become a world power. We will keep pace with these developments and do our best in our educational goals, making it a Nation building attempt, hand in hand with young men and women with the right technological education and a dream to live by.


    Provide a high quality educational experience to students in a diverse learning environment - promoting the values and institutions of democracy that prepare students to lead lives of personal integrity and civic responsibility in a global society.

    • Prepare the next generation of skilled and ethical leaders by providing excellent practical and professional education that prepares students to compete in a diverse world market;
    • Promote campus environment that welcomes and honors women and men of all races, creeds and culture and an atmosphere that values intellectual curiosity, pursuit of knowledge, and academic freedom and integrity;
    • Offer wide variety of Off-campus educational and training programs.
    • Partner with communities to provide educational, technical and cultural support to increase the livability of those communities.
    • Partner with industry and government to improve the quality of workplace and to serve as an engine for economic and cultural development.


    We shall provide our students an environment that stimulates in developing a unique blend of academia, practical knowledge, outstanding leadership qualities and good human values and thus will be most sought after by recruiters.


    In an attempt to create an academic environment where students are continually challenged and motivated to do their best possible work, our entrepreneur fervor will provide practical knowledge and right kind of motivation. This will be a different kind of educational experience with the abiding faith in the individual ability to excel. We believe in nurturing human values and engineering acumen together and will attempt to bring out well qualified individuals.


    As an extension of corporate social responsibility, SGCET believes in giving back to the society through a real value engineering educaion that has relevance to the changing India. Towards this endeavor SGCET Strives its best to put forward best efforts of coordination in the field of engineering education, inspiring, creating more opportunities and transforming individuals through practical knowlwdge and training, which will be the main objective.

    The reason why we have chosen this field of engineering education is that nowhere the pace of change is better understood than through technological improvements, real solutions that reach people through collective effort and individual zeal. Towards this, we have pledged our support and resources without expectation of profitable return. The only return we expect out of this could be transformation of millions of lives through education.


    We at Sri Ganesh College of Engineering and Technology are committed to provide quality education in Engineering, Technology and Management. This is achieved through upgradation of facilities, faculty development, campus placement and continual improvement. Students are also provided with opportunities for industrial based practical knowledge training and extra-curicular activities. Focus is also given to conduct regular short term courses whereby both students and faculty are updated with technological developments in the field of their interest.

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    • Chairperson's Message
    • Vice Chairperson's Message
    • Principal's Message
    Chairperson's Message

    Sri Ganesh College of Engineering’s Chairperson Mr.S.Selvamani"Our promise to the nation is Sri Ganesh College of Engineering and Technology will make the students independent, dignified and honorable citizens by imparting quality technical education and character building.

    We pledge to direct our efforts and resources to transform students to qualified engineers who would in turn contribute to build the nation as said by our former President Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

    "...There is no profession in the world that is more important to the society than that of a teacher..."

    - Thiru. Selvamani.S

    Vice Chairperson's Message

    Sri Ganesh College of Engineering's Vice Chairperson Er.Viknesh

    Sri Ganesh College of Engineering and Technology being one of the best college of Pondicherry, is known for imparting higher education in various areas of Engineering Discipline. The Institution is known for its enviable achievements not only in higher education but also in games and sports. We are helping the students to develop their knowledge, skills and attitude to use them for the growth and prosperity of the society.

    Our education empowers the society to grow in real sense by overcoming poverty, ignorance and lack of esteem. Barring all barriers, education should be spread to every stream of society and individual. Sri Ganesh College of Engineering and Technology is keen in sustaining this vision with all its capacities. We have been taking every possible measure to bring the youth under one roof that can provide them modern education to counter challengers ahead. We believe in the development of students in such a way that ensures admirable future for them.

    - Er. Viknesh - M.E
    Vice Chairperson

    Principal's Message

    Sri Ganesh College of Engineering’s Principal India has made a remarkable progress in engineering and technical education in the last two decades and we at Sri Ganesh College of Engineering and Technology are committed to provide a comprehensive education aiming at academic excellence. Academia should be alive to groom proficient, morally up right and socially well integrated individuals and in this perspective SGCET is putting efforts, so that individuals of this institution strive to turn their dreams and aspirations into reality through education. We prepare each one of our students to meet all the challenges head on in life. It is our aim and desire that students be equipped to become global citizens and be recognized as students of excellent character who make valuable contributions to the society.

    Today the job market has changed drastically in favour of the students’ community. An institute can attract the recruiters if it can impart quality education to its students and improve their employability coefficient. We at SGCET have qualified & well experienced faculty members to work on this front, so that firm career inertia by a job offer is provided by the time they graduate. In an era of stiff competition, success can only be achieved if one makes the right kind of endeavor at the right time and in the right direction. The institute is also engaged in supporting the students to refine the necessary skills, attitudes and the aptitude towards the corporate placement process in the campus by the way of periodical competitive tests and group interaction exercises. We have an excellent combination of industry professionals and academicians as our faculty, who provide a holistic view of the nuances of engineering operations to our students.

    All this is not possible without the constant support of the parents and the trust they repose in our competent staff. We value their suggestions which help us to grow from strength to strength. I am confident that with the impeccable support of our management, parents, staff members and students of SGCET will forever scale new heights of achievements in every field. I am proud to be working with a team which comprises extremely dedicated faculty working in sync with the latest and most modern equipments to render quality education. Our Institution provides a great opportunity to participate in both cultural and sporting activities. Our aim is to identify the hidden skills, developing the personality and inculcating human values to make the students emerge into technically qualified professionals fit enough to face the present competitive world. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that students are exposed to quality education with a difference. I take this opportunity to invite you to our campus and get a first hand idea of our institution. Wishing you all for a prosperous & bright future.

    On behalf of every one of our College, I wish you every success in all your endeavours.

    - Dr. D.THANDAPANI,M.E.,Ph.D.,