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About Sri Ganesh College | Pondicherry University affiliated
  • Graduate Engineering Employability programme Open

    To improve the job readiness of its engineering students, Sri Ganesh College of Engineering & Technology now offers employability programme integrated into its curriculum. This helps them become familiar with industry requirements and practices and gives them an edge in placement opportunities.

    Placement Activities?

    • To make all the meritorious students employable.
    • To Promote Industry Institute interaction
    • To maintain the eligible students database
    • To acquire various companies data
    • To interact with HR managers of various companies on regular basis
    • To identify employment opportunities for fresh engineering graduates
    • Establish a good rapport with corporate leaders and invite them to conduct campus drives for final year students
    • Conduct Guest Lectures by inviting Industry experts to bridge the gap between Industry and academia
    • Collect constant feedback from the companies about alumni working with them and implement good changes to suit the corporate requirements
    • To plan and initiate Campus Recruitment Training programs on personality development, Aptitude, logical, verbal, Reasoning and Communication skills to enhance the employment opportunities for fresh engineering graduates
    • Issuing circulars to all concerned departments to notify campus placements
    • To form a bondage between campus and corporate

    What the Student Gains?

    Apart from the main course, students can undergo additional training on topics relevant to their core domain at no additional cost:


    Mechanical students undergo a Certificate course in Welding and Fabrication which is aimed at training Mechanical Engineering students in various fabrication methodologies used in industry applying welding techniques and sheet metal technology. The student will undergo rigorous training in welding processes, their dos and don'ts, setup of workplace for safe welding and fabrication processes, measurement and assessment methodologies of welding. Advanced Practical training is imparted on world class equipment from Fronius with visits to their fully equipped training centre.

    ECE & EEE

    ECE and CSC branches undergo a Certificate course, which deals with Technical drawing study and generation, Workshop calculations, Material science, Bench work, Welding and assembly, Conventional Turning & Milling, Manufacturing methodologies, Mechatronics basics, PLC & Automation, Panel Wiring. The course is designed with 75% practical's which are conducted at excellent labs like those of FESTO and FRONIUS which replicate the latest industrial environment and technology, and 25% of theory which is seamlessly integrated into the curriculum.


    CSE students get trained in latest trending software in industry such as:

    • C, C++ programming
    • Python advanced concepts of machine learning and neural networks
    • Database related software like MYSQL, MSSQL etc.,
    • Web based technologies like PHP
    • Networking certification from CISCO – CCNA module 1 and module 2
    • Internet of things

  • Career Development CellOpen

    Career growth and well-being of Sri Ganesh students is the prime concern of the Group. In order to enhance their career growth and Job opportunities Sri Ganesh group trains the students with additional skills needed for effective sustenance in Industry and their job.

    Career Development chart in the Entrepreneurship Development Cell

    In addition to the training of career development initiative students undergo

    • Aptitude Enhancement Training
    • Quantitative Aptitude Training
    • Mathematics Fundamentals Training
    • Computer Application Skills
    • Programming Skills
    • Data Management Skills
    • Interview Skills
    • Grooming and Presentational Skills

    Sri Ganesh College of Engineering in collaboration with ICT Academy conducts Faculty Development Programs, Workshops, and Guest Lectures for Students. Youth Circle a program which is organized in collaboration with ICT Academy educates numerous students on career-based communication skills and offer them, a platform to practice speaking. The mission is to help people to improve the skills of speaking, listening and thinking, through a relaxed, friendly and supportive environment. Every member has the opportunity to develop communication and leadership skills.

    We encourage our students to take part in all the extracurricular activities and facilitate them with relevant events and opportunities time to time.

  • Entrepreneurship Development CellOpen

    The objective of E-Cell is to throw light on the opportunities of entrepreneurship and to nurture the passion for creativity and innovation among the students. Various activities are organised by E-Cell, to encourage the students to identify the entrepreneurial skills and pave way for developing them. E-Cell provides a platform for students to convert their ideas into implementable business plans. Various other activities like E-Talks by eminent speakers and seminars & conferences, enhance the overall development of students and help them become hardcore entrepreneurs.

    Sri Ganesh students participating in the Entrepreneurship Development Cell

  • Soft skillsOpen

    The Soft Skills Program focuses on English Language training. Participants are taught - vocabulary, how to comprehend sentences spoken or written in English and also simple English conversation. This apart students are also trained on how to - groom themselves for the interview, face interviews confidently and build a rapport with the interviewer and answer questions.