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Academic Seminar of Sri Ganesh College of Engineering Students


The ECE department was started in the year 2009. The department has well experienced and technically excelling faculty members, to pass on knowledge and skills, to instil the professional responsibilities, to play leadership role along with their varied career paths, and develop capability to utilize engineering skills in industry, research centers, and national laboratories. The sincere effort of our faculty in motivating the students has produced remarkable achievements in Co-curricular and Extra-curricular activities. The Faculty exhibit keen interest on our students has produced a commendable academic records and encourage to implement innovative ideas in their project works. The laboratory infrastructure of the department is excellent with state of art equipment's and software related to the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering. The department functions as a library with a collection of standard books for the faculty and students to refer and enhance their knowledge. Counselling is done for slow learners by faculties in order to improve their performance and also to motivate the bright students to perform better.



The infrastructure in the laboratory is as per norms. Students get a wide exposure through hands-on training in the sophisticated equipment's during their lab sessions. The ECE department has the following laboratories to cover all the experiment.

The major equipments in the labs are Analog and Digital Trainer Kits, CRO, Function Generator, D.C Power Supply, Dual and Triple Power Supply, Ammeters, Voltmeter, DRB, DCB, DIB, Digital Multi - Meter, ORCAD CAPTURE with Pspice. IC Tester, Interfacing Kits, MASM - Software, Processor and Controllers Kits, MAT LAB, Universal VLSI Base Board, Fiber Link - E Fiber Optic Trainer Kit based on Laser Diode and Glass Fiber, Fiber Link-E Fiber Optic Trainer Kit, 2 Channel Digital Real Time Storage Oscilloscope 60MHZ, Microwind 3.1 Lab View Software, Network Lab Education Software and Hardware, User: 01, Microwave Equipment(5 Test Bench & Accessories Klystron & Gunn).

Theory and practical session for Sri Ganesh college engineering students
Training for Sri Ganesh college of engineering students to do experiments


Sri Ganesh students using lab equipments in college Digital Signal Processing laboratory

This lab is equipped with all electronic components and supporting equipment's like RPS, Function Generator, and CRO. Their characteristics, applications can be studied. Using these devices the small electronic circuits can be constructed as well as checked using PSPICE software to check the graphical representation. Apart from this, the lab is equipped with computers installed with latest electronics simulation software viz multisim.


Sri Ganesh students using lab equipments in college Computer Networks laboratory

Concepts of all type of modulation & demodulation can be studied. It is equipped with Analog & Digital Storage Oscilloscopes, Fiber Optic trainer kits, Digital Modulation/ Demodulation kits, all ranges of DC power supplies, & Function Generators. The recent communication techniques like fiber optic techniques can be demonstrated with available equipments & has highly advanced digital storage oscilloscopes. The communication equipments along with various types of antennas like horn antenna, and dipoles.


Microprocessor and Microcontroller lab is equipped with 8086 microprocessor trainer kit and 8051 microcontroller trainer kit and Interfacing boards to perform A/D,D/A conversions, serial/ parallel communication,Traffic Light Control Etc. The objective is to provide basic knowledge in assembly language programming. The lab is extensively beneficial to the students to enhance their programming ability with MASM. It provides basic foundation to develop their knowledge of processor architecture .Students from other branches of Engineering also make use of this laboratory to develop their skill in the field of Microprocessor and Microcontroller.


The Embedded systems lab comprises most expensive hardware like ARM board, FPGA kit, Wireless kit and imported kits. It also has supporting software's like keil micro vision 3, Xilinx, modelsim, code warrior for arm9 wireless software. The VLSI trainer Kits concept based experiments can be performed. This lab has more than 30 numbers of Pentium IV 512 MB personnel computer along with required software's like XILINX.


The optical & microwave lab is well equipped with all required equipments like klystron power supplies, microwave testing and measuring components microwave trainer kits, directional couplers Optical trainer kit, LED MODULE splicing kit, measuring components, all ranges of DC supplies, microwave test benches of klystron and gunn source, etc.


ESD is an in-house design service laboratory to acquire knowledge and research experience with analog instrument, digital design as well as software development system construction and project management. Students can access to advanced electronics, assists with integrating electronics technology into research programs. This laboratory has various types of Fly Back Converter Kit, Buck-Boost Converter Kit etc.


Sri Ganesh students using lab equipments in college Embedded laboratory

The detailed study of signal processing concept based experiments can be performed. This lab has more than 30 numbers of Pentium IV 512 MB personal computer and all are installed with NETSIM along with required software's like MATLAB 9 code composer studio version 3.1.. TMS320C50 Processor, TMS320C5416 Processor, TMS320C6711 Processor, ADSP 2181 Processor and SHARC Processor - ADDU 21160 with VDSP Software.


Sri Ganesh students using lab equipments in college Electricals Machines laboratory

The Projects Laboratory has a key role in promoting practical and hands-on education throughout the undergraduate careers of Electronics and Communication Engineering students. The Projects Lab is where students apply their knowledge of theory to improve their skills on the design, analysis, implementation, and experimentation of new Technologies. Our goal is to provide state-of-the-art environment where students become proficient at both the physical and creative skills needed in the workforce.


Every academic year, nearly 100% of final year students get placed as System Engineers, Technical Support Executives, Techno Commercial Trainees, Consultants, and Executive Trainers in various companies such as:
● Infosys
● SMART Training
● Arobot
● Semantec
● Rich Magnate Developers
● Askme Digital Media Company

Sri Ganesh Students at the college classroom


ECE provides a wide scope for aspiring engineers to pursue postgraduate studies, Master of Philosophy and Doctorate of Philosophy. It includes specialisations in nanotechnology, robotics, high-speed automated processors in embedded systems and image processors.


There are many job categories for which a person with training in electronic technology may qualify. A few are listed below:

● Scientists and Engineers
● Industrial Manufacturing Engineers
● Technical Sales and Marketing
● Technical Writers
● Customer Support Officers
● Laboratory Technicians
● Field Service Technicians
● Service-shop Technicians
● Engineering Assistants

HOD Message

THE DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRONICS & COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING (ECE) has consistently maintained an exemplary academic record. The greatest asset of the department is its highly motivated and learned faculty. The faculty extends full support along with other staff's prepares the students to work in global multicultural environment. The graduates of the Electronics & Communication Stream have been selected by some of the world's leading corporations & as well as by most of the leading Indian counter parts. Our department has a fine blend of a team of qualified experienced faculty members and we are striving hard continuously to improve upon the quality of education and to maintain its position of leadership in engineering and technology.

The Department is equipped with state of the art Laboratories. The lab facilities are being upgraded from time to time to provide adequate opportunities for the students to learn about the latest innovations.

The Department is fully equipped with all the labs required for the curriculum like Electronic devices and circuit's lab, Analog and digital Circuits lab, Advance Communication lab, Microprocessor and Microcontroller lab, VLSI and Embedded systems lab, Microwave and optical communication lab, DSP lab and Project lab.

I know that all the top achievers are life-long learners, looking for new skills, insights and ideas. I am certain that our students will prove themselves to be an invaluable asset to an organization. We hope that we will continue to deliver our best to serve the society and mankind. It is also expected and that our students will continue to pass on their skills which they have acquired during their stay at this department to whole of the world. We will be happy to receive your suggestions for further improvement and development of our department.

My message to my students "Go into the world and do well. But more importantly, go into the world and do good."

S.Semmalar M.E. (Ph.D)
Asso. Professor & Head of the Department